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Here some curious facts from audit history are collected:

  • It is considered that auditors have appeared in England in XIII century. At that time the majority of officials was illiterate, therefore representatives of the king checked financial results of work of officials not so much under documents, how many on the basis of their oral indications (from here and a word "auditor", in transfer from Latin meaning "the listener" "listening")... more >>
  • In Russia auditors are mentioned for the first time at the time of Peter the Great reforms. However, audit of Petrovsky times strongly differed that we have today... more >>
  • On December, 22nd, 1993 the Russian president has signed the decree in which has confirmed «Time rules of auditor activity in the Russian Federation». In these rules it is described that auditor activity should represent, spheres of audit, its purpose are specified... more >>

Demonstration of readers of the newspaper "the Voice",
women struggling for the right to be free at a choice of 
"man`s" trades - the bookkeeper and auditor.


Bookkeepers from Vienna. Firm "Krups and son".Furious
opponents of female emancipation. Acted with the slogan:
"Women-on kitchen! Down with from account department!"
In 1908 the firm was ruined.


In a family S. seven children became remarkable bookeepers,
and the elder son(in the center) - the Chief accountant.


The mister T. The auditor. Has become famous for the modesty and
incorruptibility. In 1908 from this photo the sculpture "The most fair
Russian official has been molded. The sculpture hasn't remained up to now.


The woman first in France the auditor. Has become famous for the
ability to divide in mind eight-digit numbers. In November,1908,at
the age of 69th years,has crossed La Manche on a back to deliver an
audit report in time.


Delegates-women of the first congress of
ladies-auditors. Washington,spring of 1909.
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