Complex of services for the foreign companies

Package of services for foreign companies

In the last years, Russia is becoming one of the most attractive world markets for various forms of business expansion, however, Russia has, as any other country, complicated legislation that regulates all aspects of enterprises' acclivities, and as in any other country, a newcomer can hardly overcome all snags by itself without making meanwhile expensive errors. On the other hand, to employ highly professional accountants and lawyers is not always a cost-effective solution for small-sized business structures.

We are willing to render you assistance! You can obtain real cost reduction and minimization of tax risks by entrusting the specialists of Audit and Consulting Group INTERCON with the solution of your problems.

We offer our foreign customers the following services:

Preliminary consultation:

  • on selection of the form of the company's incorporation;
  • on buildup of the budget and the staffing table, and on other organizational issues.

Accomplishment of independent tasks or a complete package of measures to open a representative office:

  • buildup of the package of documents;
  • state registration;
  • registration with taxation authorities and state funds;
  • obtaining of permits and licenses, including work permits for foreigners;
  • opening of bank accounts;
  • execution of in-house documents, etc.

Current service:

  • legal support, including contract examination, arbitration practice, and due diligence;
  • investment consulting;
  • set up and maintenance of accounts, in full or in individual areas;
  • personnel records;
  • preparation of reports to the parent organization;
  • reconstruction of book records;
  • transformation of financial reports according to IAS.

In addition to our offer, you can take advantage of the following services:

  • conduct of audits;
  • evaluation of all kinds of assets, including a whole business;
    • personnel training (educational and methodological center).
    • and others.

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